On Turning 40

My 40th birthday is coming up next week. And it seems big to me, definitely bigger than turning 30 was. I didn’t think I would be this tired when I turned 40. I didn’t think that life would have thrown this much at me by now. I know I’m blessed with a pretty easy life on many levels. I’m healthy, my family members are healthy, I have money in the bank and no debt, I wear flip-flops to work… But still, this life stuff can be serious.

When I was a kid I didn’t believe I would live past 20. I had no sense of the future, of life over 20. I figured that lack of vision meant I wouldn’t live beyond 20. It didn’t mean that. It probably just had to do with being young and scared and unprepared for life as an adult.

Now I’ve lived twice as long as I expected to. And I’m still completely unprepared for being an adult. But somehow that’s ok with me. In fact, the older I get, the less it seems to matter how prepared I am, or how good I am at things. And the more it seems to matter that I just simply try to enjoy life.

So here’s to enjoying life. And to catching up on sleep too (yes mom, I know mom).

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