About Me

I’m a 40-ish American woman, a gringa. I’m from Colorado and now I live in Cancun, Mexico with my Mexican husbandito. My teenage daughter lives back in Colorado with her dad. My daughter lived with us in Mexico for a while, but Mexico wasn’t for her. I miss her like crazy and want to move back to live with her again, but we have things to figure out before we can make the move.

I’m a web and graphic designer and support myself by working from home for clients from all over, especially Americans doing business in Mexico.

I have 8 cats, I adopted 7 of them from the streets of Cancun, the other one is a 17 year old cat that I adopted from a humane society shelter in the U.S. when she was about a year old. I also have 2 dogs who both won the street dog lottery and now make their homes with us. I volunteer a lot and my pet cause is, you guessed it, helping street animals.

I like to bitch about Mexico, because Mexico sucks. But I also love Mexico and know that it’s a big, diverse, interesting country that can take a few of my punches.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you like, my email addy is rivergirl at hiddencancun dot com, if you can figure that out and are not a spambot…

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