Día de la Madre

Good God but do Mexicans love their mothers. Sheesh! Today is Mother’s Day here in Mexico and I swear these people don’t know how to quit.

My daughter’s school had a Mother’s Day program this morning. Thank goodness my 9:30 client canceled because the thing lasted for 2 whole hours and I didn’t get out of there until after 10. They had singing and dancing followed by pastries, jugo (juice) and fruit and yogurt cups. Then the kids gave us the cards they’d made which were shaped like teapots and came with a teabag stapled inside (!).

The first graders opened the show with a Barney song (!!) and then each grade performed two numbers, one in Spanish and one in English. Unfortunately my kid is in 6th grade which meant I had to stick around for the whole thing. Her class performed a number which was written by their English teacher, it went something like “without you mom I would never brush my teeth and my feet would always stink”…it was the highlight of the show. As I left someone stationed at the door handed me a rose.

Later on I went to the park to run and while I was doing my one hundred sit-ups a cop went by on a bike and yelled “Buen día y feliz diez (10) de mayo” so he wished me a nice day and a happy 10th of May, just in case I wasn’t actually a mother or whatever. I was just glad I understood what the hell the guy was saying and was able to respond properly (“gracias”) and on time, usually I only figure these things out later and people end up thinking I’m rude.

When I got home I put my rose in water and found a spot for my teapot card. Then I heard the familiar “honk honk agua crystaaaal” which meant my water truck was on it’s way down the street. Seeing as I really missed my water guys (well not really) I decided to buy a bottle of water. When I handed the dude my 18 pesos he handed me a Mother’s Day card from Agua Crystal and he wished me a happy mother’s day (en español). The card has tacky poetry all over it and even has a magnet so I can stick it on my fridge and forever remember my water guys…

For the rest of the day I’ve put up with the sounds of my neighbors having big meals, yelling in the street and playing loud music. Right now I couldn’t sleep if I wanted to because the people next door are singing one Mothery song after another.

But me I haven’t let this Mother’s day stuff go to my head, I even managed to get into an argument with my kid over which of us should crawl under her bed to chase the old fat diabetic peeing everywhere cat out of her room…in the end we moved the bed, scared the hell out of the poor cat and both avoided crawling under there. Then she told me to get out of her room and she locked the door when I left…dontcha love teenagers?!

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