She’s Off And Running

My daughter left to go live with her dad in the States yesterday. I’ve had a headache ever since. We have a low pressure system sitting on top of us and I can feel it weighing me down. And I’m still in shock over my daughter’s departure, which is also weighing me down.

On the bright side, with her away, I will have a lot more much-needed time for myself and my work. But she’s my best friend on many levels. And she left a big hole in my little universe when she got on that plane.

I can’t call her today because she’s off already, with her new school, on an overnight field trip. They are studying straw-bale construction methods and went to look at some examples of straw-bale buildings. And they are camping tonight, in Colorado high-country, in October. Talk about cold. Better her than me. So anyway I’ll bother her when they come down from the mountains tomorrow. I hope her first “day” of school was good.

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