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I just brought to 50 the number of blogs I subscribe to via Bloglines (no wonder I don’t get my work done). The newest addition to my list is La Gringa Mas Bella, which is written by an American woman who is married to a Mexican man.

She’s witty and funny and tells it like it is. But she’s wrong about one thing, her tag-line says that she’s married to the BEST Mexican guy on the planet, but that’s me honey, not you!

Read on: La Gringa Mas Bella

Here are a few of the other 49 blogs I subscribe to:

  • 1603 Katrina – A fellow alum from my college helps tear down historic but rotten buildings in New Orleans.
  • New York Hack – The blog of a NYC cab driver named Melissa Plaut, she’s just published a book too.
  • The Multiverse According To Ben – The blog of Dr. Ben Goertzel, artificial intelligence guru and another fellow alum from college.
  • Hell’s Half Acre – Travelogue – A mom of 4 writes about their travels and their time living in the Riviera Maya.
  • SimpleBits – Master web designer Dan Cederholm’s blog. His work puts the rest of us to shame.
  • Julie Zickelfoose – Artist, writer, and close friend of a close friend. Julie takes lots of pictures of birds, something I can’t do with all these cats around.

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