Oh how I waste my time

I spent an hour today on this, may my clients forgive me this trespass:

GAT/CA d- s: a C++++ U> P+> L—(+) E? W+++ N++ o- K?
w+++++ O—-(+) M–(+) V? PS+++ PE-(++) Y+(–) PGP t++@ 5++
X++ !R tv– b+++> DI++++ !D G– e++> h—- r+++ z+++++

If you have to ask…Google.

And I heard a couple of great quotes in recent days, I hope I can get them right:

This from a gringa friend on having a Mexican boyfriend/husband:

What is it about a Mexican man that makes you want to throw things at his head?

I only wish I knew.

And this one from another gringa:

“Did I tell you that I would be married to Eddie Vedder if my stupid ex-husband had only gone to happy hour?”

You and me both. My ex wouldn’t go to happy hour either.

It’s been a particularly hard week. There’s a sinus infection in this house that no one seems to be able to kick. So we all walk around suffering from that exploding-brain-tumor feeling, which can really make one quite grumpy.

But work-wise things go well. Real estate inquiries are picking up. And I’ve picked up several high-end real estate listings. And my web work is getting done, albeit too slowly for my taste. Now if I could just get that one old bitchy cat to quit throwing up all the time, and find a home for the new one, and get the kid to do some chores, well, then we’d be in business.

Oh, and I went to see the new Bourne movie, the Ultimatum one…and I just loved it! I just couldn’t get enough, it was like the best roller coaster I’ve ever been on. It was smart, and quick and unpredictable, but not hard to follow. It had one or two boring moments, and it had a typical ridiculous car chase scene, just to prove it was made by Hollywood. But Matt Damon was so good in it that I didn’t once even think “what a weenie”. I’m going to drag my kid to see it this weekend, maybe getting her out of the house will fix what ails her.

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