Just because I’m scared of you

I’ve been receiving threats. I’ve been told repeatedly that I need to get with the program and update my blog. So, without so much as a clue what I’m going to say, here you go. Prepare to suffer my random ramblings.

First off, we found a home for 2nd ball of fuzz, the lovely part-Siamese kitty (who we now actively MISS in that heart-lurching miss your right arm kind of way). He went to the friend of a friend (who is now well on the road to being a friend herself). And we are satisfied he will be properly loved and played with and that he will be snipped so he won’t be party to more homeless kitties being created.

And second, it’s probably time to reveal that I’m shifting the focus of my work. Web design is my first love, but the pay is crap. Nobody wants to really pay you for all the effort it takes to do a good job, they don’t even RECOGNIZE what a good job is. People see web design as a commodity, and think that anybody with a copy of Frontpage or Dreamweaver is a web designer. If I were in the States I might be able to get a job where they appreciate that my skills are deep and advanced. But here, working with small businesses, which have smaller budgets it ain’t working. And so I’ve decided to raise my rates, and take fewer web design jobs. That should eliminate some of the riff raff, and a lot of the hassle, and I think I’ll be happier and less busy.

I’ve also decided to put some time into selling real estate here in Cancun and in the Riviera Maya. In fact one of my favorite web design clients has invited my husband and me to work with him in his real estate business. Real estate will undoubtedly kill me, just the way that web design does, or rather, I will work myself to the bone no matter what I do. But with real estate at least there’s more at stake. Instead of busting myself to build a $2000 usd web site I can bust myself to sell a house that will pay a $20,000 usd commission. That seems like a better way to kill myself.

I know I have a lot to learn about real estate in order to be good at selling it. But I’m a thorough person and I will learn the lessons as fast as they come along. And I have always looked at real estate as a hobby, my husband is the same, we go see houses just for fun. So I think that this is a natural step for us. And I’m already happier because it’s getting me out of the house and away from this infernal machine.

And finally, some of you have shared with me that I spooked you a few weeks back with an ominous post about friendship and marriage. And I won’t get into that too much, except to say that my marriage rounded some kind of a corner feels really good, we went through something complicated and right now things feel uncomplicated, which is nice. As for the friendship stuff, maybe the jury is still out on that, if I figure out how to say more I will.

You can read all about the kitten’s new home by visiting Lisa Love’s site.

And you can take a look at the web site of our real estate partner by visiting Mexira.

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One Response to “Just because I’m scared of you”

  1. Gabriella
    June 10th, 2007 05:02

    Hi, I just had a look at your blog as I was browsing Mexican, Central American, and South American blogs…(I found you indirectly via lagringasblogicito)… why? I lived in Cancun for 6 years in the early 90’s…and I absolutely loved it! (Then I was in Miami for some years, and now I live in southern Spain).

    At any rate, today’s comment is about your complaint re web design, and how few people appreciate it. I fully understand you. While I have nothing to do with it (I’m a psychotherapist), I learned a lot about the intricacies of setting up a website via my own designer (who has been greatly patient with all my demands, pleas, requests, etc.).

    Also, when I then set up my blog http://psychologytransformationfreedompapers.blogspot.com/ with a blogger template, I recognized once again, the difference between having a professional set you up and doing it on your own.

    At any rate, good luck with your endeavours!


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