Real Estate In Cancun Is Picking Up

Cancun is dead right now, there are almost no tourists here right now. And according to my airport spies there are barely any planes landing in Cancun these days. But I can tell that people are thinking about this area because just in the last few weeks the real estate business has really picked up significantly. We’ve been getting a lot of calls and serious inquiries from buyers in recent weeks and lots of sellers have been contacting us as well.

I’ve been given a number of listings for nice properties in just the last couple of weeks. I’m grateful that people have such faith in me. And I hope I can help them out by selling the properties for them. So far I only have one of my new listings up on the Mexira site. See: Home For Sale In El Table.

I’ve also got a listing coming along for a lovely 3 bedroom professionally decorated condo on the beach in the Hotel Zone, but it hasn’t been priced yet. More on that one next week. It’s a special property.

And I’m very excited to say that I’ve gotten a listing for a small boutique hotel located somewhere in the Riviera Maya, on the water. This one will be fun to sell.

In a previous life I worked for a business broker, so working on a hotel sale feels like going back to something I know well. In fact, I’m bringing in my old boss at the business brokerage to help me with the marketing package for this. She’s got over 20 years’ experience and I am excited to do a big deal with her. Plus, it gives her an excuse to come down and visit me (we are close friends).

Good things are happening. And we, in this house, are finally over the endless sinus infection, so everyone is feeling better. Yay.

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