Paradise is For Sale

I got a great real estate listing the other day. It’s a large beach front building lot just south of Cancun in the northern end of the Riviera Maya. It’s in a gated community called Petempich. Even though Petempich is very close to Cancun it feels very remote there. When you are there it’s easy to forget that Cancun is only a few minutes away.

The lot is actually two lots which are adjacent each other. The seller owns another house in the area and cares about Petempich and so wants to insure low density by insisting on selling the two lots together.

Here’s a picture:

Petempich Beach Front Lot For Sale
Petempich Beach Front Lot

We were fortunate the day we went to take pictures because the weather was PERFECT and the light was perfect and there was not a cloud in the sky. Even though we get more than 200 days a year of sun here, and we have this fabulous tropical weather we still have lots of days where there are enough clouds in the sky to make it hard to take perfect beach photos.

If you want more information about this lot you can see the full listing on the Mexira web site.

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