Cancun Blogs are Contagious

Blogging is “in” right now, and it seems to have hit Cancun with a vengance. Maybe because everyone here and their brother is a web designer…

I was recently approached by the owner of www.CancunMX.com to build a blog site for him which would be decicated to Cancun. That site, The Cancun Blog, was launched this past week and is already a hit with his regular users. I built it using WordPress and couldn’t be more impressed with how configurable it is.

This week I also came across afterwilma.info which seems to have recent info on business reopenings around the area, it is another WordPress blog.

Longtime Cancun resident Brant Boston has a blog of sorts (it uses Cold Fusion instead of blog software) on the site for his famous 2 for 1 Entertainment Card, he writes about life in Cancun and how he came to live here. Brant offers a unique perspective on living here.

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