One Less Doggie In The House

I’m happy to say that we found a home for the Golden Retriever street dog who followed us home the other day.

The lady I mentioned previously, who already had a Golden, is the one we chose to take the dog. We were pretty pushy with her and asked to see where she lived, so we could be sure the dog would have a proper yard. At first she thought we were being rude, but then she realized that we were just trying to be careful.

After we nosed around her house, she came to our house and met the dog. We got to see how she treated the dog and we were comfortable that this woman would provide a good home for our new friend. And away they went, straight to the vet.

So now Sam is back to being an only dog. And there’s no more dog slobber on top of his head from the overly friendly Golden who wanted to lick him to death.

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