News From The Frozen North

Well, not too frozen yet I guess. I talked to my kid today and she reports that school is “fun”, and that she’s happy to be able to get good pizza again. There’s a small chain of pizza places in Colorado called Beau Jo’s and their pizza pretty much puts any pie in Mexico to shame. In fact I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. Anyway her class stopped for pizza in Idaho Springs on the way down from the mountains today, and she was quite happy about that. It’s the small things in life, right?

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3 Responses to “News From The Frozen North”

  1. La Gringa Mas Bella
    October 16th, 2007 16:47

    I’ve been to Mexico twice but I was only there for a week each visit. Both times within an hour of landing back in the states I was eating my good ole fast food. (McDonalds & Sonic)

    Tell her not to get too carried away because those calories will creep but I’m glad she’s enjoying it. Keep the updates coming!

    -Lisa 🙂

  2. workinggringa
    October 29th, 2007 21:04

    My daughter left to go back to the States when she was 16… I wasn’t quite prepared for her to be gone so soon. I still miss her (she’s 22 now…I should get over it)…even though we talk almost every day. Just a little Zoe-shaped hole in my life that nothing else can fill. I’m mostly grateful for our great relationship.

  3. RiverGirl
    October 30th, 2007 16:38

    My daughter is calling almost every day right now, and tells me that she has a new best friend. I’m happy that she’s happy!

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