It’s a Dog’s Life

Well, Sam the man, the damn perro loco, the lovely sweet crazy dog managed to rip a huge gash in his hip. We’ve hunted all over our property and can’t determine on-what he impaled himself in such a dramatic way. But I came back from my run one morning, a bit over a week ago, and found him with a deep 3-inch long wound.

I took him to Adriana-the-Wonder-Vet, and she knocked him out and put in 2 internal stitches and 4 external ones. Everything was fine for 4 days. Then, one-by-one, Sam ripped those stitches out. And there we were, back to open gross icky wound again.

And so back to Adriana he went. And this time she needed to cut away more skin, so it would properly knit itself together, meaning the wound got BIGGER (dumb dog). And then, insult of insults, Adriana issued strict orders that Sam must (drum roll please) wear an ELIZABETHAN COLLAR for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! Gak!

So now the wild and crazy guy, Mr. Discombobulated, Sir Chaos Boy, Mr. Bucket-Head himself, the Royal Racing Reverse Conehead careens headlong around the house wearing his upside-down lampshade, crashing into EVERY SINGLE corner, wall, windowsill, chair, table and being that dares to remain in his willy nilly path.

It’s pure lunacy.

That is, when he’s not completely sad and depressed by his new found stature as a walking light fixture sans bulb, as in this photo:

Poor Sam The Bucket-Headed

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One Response to “It’s a Dog’s Life”

  1. Elizabeth
    June 18th, 2007 15:43

    You can see it in his face. He is just mortified about the whole thing. Unfortunately for him, the picture does make me laugh. LOL.

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