They Wear Towels On Their Heads

Ok, so this is an inane post, but I’m stuck with a coding problem that I cannot figure out (GRR!), so I’m going to blog FOR NO GOOD REASON.

I keep seeing people wearing towels on their heads. And I am not talking about Arab people wearing turbans. I’m talking about Mexicans wearing brightly colored DISHTOWELS with little teapots and ears of corn and onions and other food items printed on them. I swear this is a conspiracy.

In the park, when I run, I always see a lady who drapes a bright green dishtowel over her head and then plants a big pink sun hat on top of it, assuring there’s no chance that towel might accidentally fall off thereby and ruin her outfit.

And the guy who endlessly mows and mows and mows the grass at the church near my house wears a tan towel that has a cross-hatch texture and little pictures of food all over it. He secures it to his head with a dirty baseball cap.

And this morning I noticed that the maestros (construction workers) who are working on the roof of one of the houses on my street are all wearing different colored towels on their heads with various types of hats clamping them on. They looked like they were part of some kind of weird circus act, rushing up and down the ladder, carrying buckets of wet concrete with their brightly colored heads.

I would have taken a picture of them if there had been any way to take it without getting caught. For all my running everyday I’m still not sure I can outrun a Mexican maestro wearing a towel on his head…

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2 Responses to “They Wear Towels On Their Heads”

  1. LISA
    April 28th, 2008 11:42

    It’s because those people are out in the sun weather there doing some labor or just out. You sweat, so the towl is used to dry your neck, chest, head of sweat. In response to the construction workers they normally soak the towl, bandana in a bucket of water to help cool off from the heat. It’s not uncommon, but your question was. A towl, heat, and labor; common sense will give you your answer.

  2. RiverGirl
    April 28th, 2008 16:40

    It wasn’t a question of why so much as it was meant as a commentary on how odd it seemed.

    It is hot and I don’t begrudge anyone the right to do things to lessen the effect of the heat. It’s just that if you think about it people wearing towels on their heads is funny. Isn’t it?

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