We’ve Got Man-Eating Potholes

Here in Cancun we are on something like our 10th day in a row of rain. Until today the rain would be heavy but would stop often. But since about 4 this morning it’s been raining heavily for more than half the time. So now the streets are starting to flood.

Where we live in Cancun Centro we already had some potholes forming but now, with today’s rain, they are getting much bigger very quickly. Whenever we get standing water in the street for very long, the potholes become huge.

And it can be a big problem to drive when the potholes are growing, because you can’t drive without crossing huge puddles, and you can’t see the potholes through the water. So you have to remember where the potholes were forming last time you drove there and it was dry…

This reminds me of getting snowed in when I was growing up in New England, except that it’s still warm enough here to wear flip-flops. I actually don’t mind this feeling of being house-bound due to rain. What bothers me is that I’m sure it will be several months before the city comes around to fix the streets.

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