Soggy Wet Sopping Mess

Cancun is just a big puddle today. It’s been raining off and on, mostly on, for the last two days. Normally I love it when we get a break in our perpetual summertime-perfect weather. But when we get this much rain I do get sort of sick of being stuck in the house.

Sam, our dog, even peed in the house because he was so intimidated about going out in the rain. Of course his little plan back-fired because I threw him out on his butt and made him stay out in the rain for a good hour afterwards. The little brat!

And last night one of my inside cats, Lilah, snuck outside. She was hit by a car last year, and now has a permanent limp. So normally we do not let her out. But she got out between rainstorms and then flat-out refused to come in all night. I got up 3 or 4 times during the night to call her, but each time it was pouring and she refused to come out of her hiding spot and condescend to come into the house. The little other brat!

Finally at 6 am Lilah made her move, and I was able to get her to come inside. I hope she’s had her fun because she’s got a battle ahead of her if she wants to get outside again.

When there’s a break in the rain I open the windows (I hate closed windows). And then when the rain starts again I have to rush around and close whichever windows the water is suddenly pouring into. Yesterday I blew it with a window in the bedroom and the bed got completely soaked. Today I screwed up and soaked all the stuff sitting under the window in my office (a box of old broken computer parts, some cables and an out-of-date ASP 3.0 manual).

Once the rain passes it will be an adventure to see just how much the streets in Cancun have disintegrated. Every time we have heavy rain tire-eating potholes form in a flash, so with this much rain we should have some pretty seriously messed up roads. Ahh the joys of living in a 3rd world country with a tiny budget for road maintenance.

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