Kitty Kat Kvetch

They are always hungry. My daughter will feed them and then 10 minutes later they are able to convince my husband that they haven’t been fed in YEARS!

Now Lilah, my calico love cat, who I found STARVING and skinny as a rail in the Parque Kabah, figured out long ago that she could tear a corner off a newly-bought bag of cat food and have herself a little snack. So we are very careful to immediately pour all new bags of cat food into a large plastic bin with a lid on it.

Well the other night I heard a loud crash downstairs and when I went to see about it I found Lilah had knocked over the plastic cat food bin, knocking the lid off in the process. She was halfway inside the sideways bin with her butt and tail sticking out and she was snacking away. The other cats were all lined up patiently waiting for her to give them a chance to pig out. Damn cats!

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One Response to “Kitty Kat Kvetch”

  1. cancuncanuck
    April 17th, 2006 07:24

    Hahahaha! My kitty cat Changa has also learned how to find her food and tear open the bags. We use those Whiskas packets of wet food so she just pierces the bags and lets the juice run all over. Ant heaven! I have hidden them, plastic containers the whole shebang but she just can’t lose that hunting instinct. 🙂

    She also has a big thing for the baby bottle nipples. They are now trapped in tupperware containers but unbelievably Changa managed to crack that open too, little bugger!

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