OMG Tacky Loud Neighbors Strike Again

Well dear readers, my nasty neighbors have struck again. They’ve had another marathon party, in fact it’s still going on right now and it’s the NEXT DAY!

This time they violated what I had thought was a hard and fast rule in their campaign to be the WORST neighbors in the world; they had their party on a SATURDAY NIGHT! Normally these people have their parties on work nights. They are especially fond of Sunday nights and also Tuesday nights. But this time their party began on a Saturday night. I’m certain that the only possible explanation for this is that somebody’s birthday must have accidentally fallen on a Saturday, so they were obliged to have their party on a non-work night.

I can’t imagine how disappointing it must be for them to know that by having their fiesta on a non-work night they are giving the surrounding neighbors a chance to recover from their torture before we all have to face our own lives and jobs.

Now, this party also began earlier than normal, I think they began to assemble over there and start with their tacky loud music at about 9 pm. And they were in full swing by about 11 pm which was more-or-less the first time that we noticed they were being OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD. My hubby and I were on the couch at 11 pm watching the Fifth Element (well, technically I was watching it for the fifth time and he was SLEEPING THROUGH it for the fifth time) when suddenly we (I) couldn’t hear the movie because the almighty-OBNOXIOUS-ones suddenly cranked up the tacky Mexican music.

These people normally start their parties at 11 pm or midnight, often with live mariachis, but this time they began earlier. I have no reasonable explanation for why they would start early. In the past their parties have been particularly obnoxious precisely because they wait until everyone in the houses around them is in bed asleep before they start. The normal pattern is to wake us all up and then keep us up all night. This time I don’t think anyone had gone to bed prior to the commencement of the LOUD TACKY MUSIC. I think they lost some of their edge by starting early, although I have to admit that by starting earlier they have have managed to torture all of us for MORE TOTAL HOURS. Perhaps that was the thinking, drag it out as long as possible.

For a variety of reasons I did not actually TRY to sleep until about 2 am. Knowing this party was going on was reason enough, I kept staying up hoping that someone would ruin the party somehow and lots of people would suddenly leave. I was personally rooting to have someone suddenly throw-up all over the main table and cover all the food in vomit, and then I hoped all the grossed out people would scurry off to their cars so they could drive home drunk and have to bribe a Cancun cop to get out of a DUI…alas I was not so lucky. At 3 am they were still going strong and I could not sleep to save my life. I tried lying on my side with one ear buried in my pillow and then putting another pillow over my head, on top of my other ear but no matter how much pressure I put on that upper pillow, and no matter how thick that upper pillow, I could still hear every gruesome word of their LOUD TACKY MUSIC and the off-key wailing of the guests which constantly accompanied it! It was pure hell!

Finally after doing some reading on user-interface design, which even in broad daylight, even when I actually CARE about it, is still boring, finally, I got more sleepy than annoyed and I was able to drift off to sleep. I think that was about 3:45 am.

Well, at 5:45 am they woke me up. Perhaps I shifted position and knocked my sound-blocking-pillow off my head? I’m not sure but when I awoke that was it. I knew I was up for the duration. I knew I would be up until the very last loud-mouth over there finally passed out nose-first in the cheese whiz.

So what was my recourse, what was my solution, what salve could I apply to my wounded, exhausted soul?

I decided right away, I would put whatever was left of that horrible party on the internet! YouTube is my friend. And it’s amazing how a lovely sense of peace came over me when I made the decision to post video of the end of their party on the internet. I no longer felt spiteful, I no longer felt angry. Just tired and mildly amused.

Please forgive how the camera in this video shakes a little, that’s because my hands were shaking from having slept only two hours. I tried to find our table-top tripod to put on the windowsill but my husband probably put it somewhere logical, like in his underwear drawer, hence I had no idea where it was. Anyway here’s the first video I took, it illustrates the ugliness we had to listen to all night, though the volume, by this point, was much lower.

A little while ago it started raining. It wasn’t hard rain, and it only lasted for a few minutes but it was enough for the few remaining partiers to decide to head indoors. They had a little trouble with the big woman (seen in my video) because she had finally passed out at the table and they had to convince her to wake up and get out of the rain. That was something of an ordeal. But now they have all retired to the sanctity of their house with its internal-organ-shiny-pink floor tiles (wretch) and (this is the BEST PART) they have SHUT THE DOOR!

I can still hear them in there, squawking, as they sing along to Beatles songs but it’s bearable, sleep-able now. So, at least for now, they’ve done away with the tacky music and aren’t keeping me awake. Too bad it’s after noon!

If you like, you can read my original post about how much I hate these neighbors.

One caveat, I do not think all Mexican music is tacky. But these neighbors have an excellent collection of Mexican and Latin music which I find irritating, tacky, simple-minded, not-deep, musically uninteresting, boring and, did I say, TACKY?!

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One Response to “OMG Tacky Loud Neighbors Strike Again”

  1. RiverGirl
    December 3rd, 2006 16:05

    An update…the neighbors shut up from about noon today until about 3:30 pm. But now, at 4 pm they are ramping up again. There’s loud music playing and they have loud people in both the front- and back-yards. I think the passed-out-ones have awoken and are drinking again!

    Now I’m afraid they may actually be planning to keep right on going with this party…ayayay!

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