My Favorite Neighbors – NOT!!

I have never had such awful neighbors. And I’ve never had this much resentment build up between myself and my neighbors before. These people seem to specialize in annoying the rest of the people on our street. I’m wondering if they have made a specialized study of “how to SUCK to live next to!”

The family consists of the Mom, who appears to be maybe in her mid to late 40’s. She has garishly bad taste in clothes and wears so much perfume that when she leaves her house I can smell her from INSIDE my house!

Then there’s Dad who is over 50 and who I understand is a doctor, though from what I’ve seen he doesn’t take his own advice (he’s very heavy and very unhealthy looking), and I’m certain that he has poor bedside manner.

There’s an older son who no longer lives with them but occasionally shows up to drink and get loud. Once he and his wife showed up and got into some kind of fist fight in the front yard, there was lots of yelling and pushing. It appeared that someone was guilty of adultery but it was hard to tell exactly who (both maybe?). We were about to call the cops when they abruptly left.

Then there’s son number two, who we believe to be in college, though he keeps some strange hours even for a student. He lives with his folks but doesn’t appear to have a key to the house, so he will show up at 2 am and start yelling “MAAAH! MAAH! hoping that dear mummy will let him in.

And finally there’s a daughter who only sometimes seems to live with them. She appears to be the youngest of the siblings, she might be 19. She often fights with her parents when she IS staying with them (you Go girl!). This is likely why she usually does not stay with them (good for her I say). She has her brother’s annoying habit of yelling MAAH! from the curb at all hours hoping Mom will take pity on her offspring and let her in.

So why do I hate them you ask? Well, just to start, they ALWAYS park in front of my house, so that I either can’t get in and out of my driveway or so that I ALMOST can’t get out. One of these days I’m going crunch their fender on my way out of the drive. Parking is limited here and the rest of the neighbors are super diligent about NOT invading the space in front of each other’s houses. But not my dear lovely most-hated neighbors, they deliberately park in front of my house.

We’ve asked them many times not to park there, we’ve asked nicely, we’ve left notes, we’ve written letters, nothing works. They just insist on doing it.

The other major reason that I can’t stand these people is because of the way they conduct themselves when they have a party! First of all they party a lot and they never have a party which starts earlier than 11 pm and, to boot, their parties are almost always on a weeknight!

They cram some ungodly number of people into their tiny pink house, and these people always spill out LOUDLY into the front and back yards. But the thing that really gets me is when they start the over-amplified karaoke at 2 am in the back yard! This makes it impossible to sleep for anyone within about 10 houses in either direction. Basically they manage to keep the entire street awake all night with their horrible wailing! And the good doctor insists on hogging the microphone, so his off-key warbling becomes the stuff of nightmares. I shudder to think about it. And I have no idea where they got so many friends, they must have PAID them to listen to that awful noise!

Good God but I do hate these people!

I’m sure you are thinking that it can’t be that bad. But it is! I’ve lived next to these people for 3 years. We’ve always been polite and quiet neighbors. But I cannot even begin to count the number of times these nasty neighbors have woken me up, 100 times is probably too low.

It’s a routine with them, come home late, argue under my bedroom window, bang the gate a lot and then leave the main door open and get into a loud fight. If they are not partying, karaoke-ing or yelling they are parked in my way!

I’m certain these people exist to test my faith in god, the universe and all that is supposed to be good in life! GRRR!

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