Cork’d: Review and Share Wine Online

I finally got around to becoming a member over at Cork’d. The site provides a place for wine lovers to share the wines they love and write wine reviews.

I’d been planning to look the site over carefully because it was co-designed by Dan Cederholm who is a very talented designer, so my interest was driven by professional curiosity more than by any major love for wine.

Besides, I’m a wine idiot. I used to think that I couldn’t afford wine I would like because I had a boyfriend whose rich parents used to treat me to expensive wines which were excellent. Back then I never drank wine except when I was around this guy’s folks, and they never popped the bottle on anything that was less that $200 (usd). I loved many of the wines they shared with me, but quickly decided that good wine was going to remain outside of my budget (unless I was willing to marry their son which I was not interested in doing).

Somewhere along the way I decided I could handle drinking affordable wine occasionally. But I still have no real idea what to buy when I stand there in front of all those choices at the liquor store. So I’m excited to have found a resource on the web which might help me make some intelligent choices.

And besides that it’s cool to see Dan’s work in action. Though I do have a couple of suggestions I’ll be emailing to him, just as soon as I get caught up on my work (like THAT’S going to happen).

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