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It’s party season in Cancun folks. And this is the time of year when I, yet again, realize that 95% of the people I know here are folks that I met because of the internet. In case you you live under a rock, and haven’t noticed, the internet is an integral part of the social climate here.

And it’s normal for me to meet someone and once I start to yapping to have them suddenly interrupt and say “Are you RiverGirl?”. Click, click, all the connections get made and the online world crashes headlong into the reality of a friendly person standing in front of you. It’s a trip and every-time it happens I try desperately to remember what the heck I actually SAY in my blog…but I usually can’t remember anything and so opt for an uneasy sense that maybe I should be embarrassed, maybe or probably!

Well enough on that, here’s an update on some of our recent parties:

Last weekend we got invited to a party at Mexico Way’s apartment, and when I got there I was lucky enough to meet Mexico Way’s hot shit mother and also her cool friend LurkerGirl (when are we having LUNCH?). And I saw my best buddy the AlmightyAdSenseGod. And also good old (old as in trusty not as in OLD) CancunCanuck was there. And probably some other folks from my online circle of friends, but you know, it was a party and so we were, like, drunk at some point.

All I really remember was some moron who claimed to know everything about everything web related and was such a complete idiot that I was forced to turn my back on him and talk to CancunCanuck about sex instead (she knows a lot). What a tough life.

And then yesterday we had 3 parties to attend, the first was the International Women’s Club’s Holiday Tea. I dragged hubby to it with the promise that he would not be the only man there. And he wasn’t, there were a whole 2 other men there! Poor guy was surrounded by 35 women for 3 whole hours.

After that we had a fiesta over at the casa del AlmightyAdSenseGod (Happy Birthday Dani!), where we encountered another motley crew of online buds from the CancunCare forum including Drewbert and notSteveCoker (who swears he’s not a Republican, though no one believes him). We also encountered lots of beer, Jannet’s yummy curry, birthday cake and the most lovely kitten in the whole world. Truly that little guy puts our 9 cats to shame. Shame, shame, shame on each one of them for not being that cute or cuddly, damn spoiled cats!

Then we finally topped off the day with a party for employees of Grupo Ritco (hubby’s Residencial La Playa real estate gig is with Grupo Ritco) at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s. Remind me never to go to Carlos ‘n Charlie’s again!

I know I’m a complete wuss but the floor was sticky and I had on NEW SHOES! And the waiters kept dropping metal trays just so they would clatter noisily to the floor and the service was impossibly slow. And it was so stupidly loud that the only person I could hear was my husband and, well, I’ve already heard everything HE has to say seeing as he talks all the time, even when he’s asleep.

But their biggest crime was that my fake-yarda-sized (2 not 3 foot tall) mango margarita had about one tablespoon of cheap tequila in it. And on top of that those people put too much sugar in everything, the marg had more sugar than booze, the appetizer had sugar in it, the entree had sugar in the sauce. And the cheesecake was so sweet I couldn’t eat it (it didn’t help that it was FROZEN solid also). I am completely sure that the chef at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s must be a major diabetic who is trying to spread the fun! Still, the Grupo Ritco people were all nice, location aside. Hopefully they will have another get together somewhere a little more conducive to, you know, enjoyment!

And looking at my calendar I see at least 5 more parties are scheduled on the immediate event horizon. Some how I’ll just have to muddle through, what a tough life.

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