I Hate Dan Cederholm

Well, actually, I just envy his gignormous talent so much that it HURTS! He recently gave a face-lift to his Simple Bits web site and it’s just full of all those little touches that make the web designer in me drool. I’m just a droolin’ and a droolin’ all over the floor, what a mess.

His use of color is great as is his use of type styles. And his use of {brackets} as his persistent page indicator is just so subtle and effective that I will have to steal it the next chance I get (clients, be ye warned). And his code is so nice and neat and clean that it just makes me want to break out in hives of jealousy.

I saw Dan speak at the WebVisions 2006 conference and he impressed me with how easy he made everything look. And then I read one of his books and it made everything look so easy. Well, screw you Dan for making it look so easy. (And thanks for the inspiration!)

See the Simple Bits site.

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