Pothole Madness

I just want to kvetch about the potholes in Cancun. OMG some of them are so big they could eat a car. If we get any more heavy rain the roads in Cancun will just disintegrate completely.

My commute to my daughter’s school today was an adventure in pothole-dodging. And the north-bound lane coming back is so bad that it took an extra 15 minutes to get home. Normally the cars move along at a decent clip on the way home but the road is so bad they had to slow down a lot. And then many people were driving in the shoulder to get around the slow-pokes, but the shoulder still has huge puddles which sometimes cover huge holes. I gave up on driving in the shoulder after narrowly missing a monster hole that would have surely drowned both of us.

Today was forecast to be worse than yesterday. And my daughter says it rained very hard at her school today. But here in Centro it was nowhere near as bad as yesterday. The rain didn’t even pour in the windows at a 45 degree angle or anything, in fact I don’t think I even had to shut the windows to fend off the rain today.

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