Photos of Isla Holbox

Ok, ok I’m finally posting photos of my recent trip to Isla Holbox. I hope you enjoy them.

Isla Holbox, Mexico
The beach in Holbox is big and wide and you have to walk out into the water for a long way before it even gets up to your knees.

Isla Holbox, Mexico
This is a typical street in Isla Holbox; a narrow, dirt road with one or two golf carts meandering by every few minutes.

Isla Holbox, Mexico
This is the view looking east from the beach at Isla Holbox; the water there is more green than here in the Caribbean.

Isla Holbox, Mexico
This is the view looking west, at sunset, from the beach in Isla Holbox.

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2 Responses to “Photos of Isla Holbox”

  1. JAH
    June 1st, 2008 22:09

    Most of the beach hotels serve breakfast. One to try in town is the Hotel Faro Viejo. If you’d like something very local and Mayan, go to the cocina economica in the house just behind Hotel la Palapa, 1 block west of the square and towards the beach. She is open from 7-11am and has wonderful empanadas, salbutes, panuchos, tamalitos, etc. Her husband is a fisherman (including shark), and she has empanadas de raya y cazon.

    There is a new loncheria that has opened up just beyond Viva Zapata. I havent tried it yet, but it is getting good reviews.

    For excellent Italian food, go to Los Pelicanos, about a half a block beyond the pizza place towards the lagoon. Luca makes all his pasta fresh and has excellent risotto and tiramasu. His appetaizer of mixed fried seafood and fish is to die for.

  2. JAH
    June 1st, 2008 22:11

    Beautiful pictures. Thanks. The restaurant comments ended up in the wrong place. Sorry.

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