Photos from Tulum

Below are some photos from our recent trip to Tulum. We rode our bikes a couple of times and stopped a lot to take photos. I also took some photos from our room overlooking the sea.

Tulum Sunrise
View of sunrise, this is what I saw from bed.

Tulum Sunrise
More sunrise, this is what I saw when I went out on the beach to see the sunrise.

Cenote in Sian Ka'an
We road our bikes into the Sian Ka’an Bio-reserve and we saw this cenote (near the arch).

Cenote in Sian Ka'an
Another pic from the Sian Ka’an Cenote near the arch.

Tulum Shoreline
We took this pic when we went for a ride north of our hotel toward the ruins. Much of Tulum looks like this to me.

I was going to make disparaging remarks about our hotel. But then the hotel emailed me asking for my opinion and I let them have it directly. So in all fairness I will give them a chance to fix things rather than tell you all about how dirty it was and about how the maintenance was lacking and how the bed sagged and forced us to sleep on top of eachother and how the plumbing fell apart while I was taking a shower and sprayed water all over the floor. I’ll decline from saying those things. For now. Grin.

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4 Responses to “Photos from Tulum”

  1. cancuncanuck
    December 11th, 2007 18:41

    Great pics Rivergirl, thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear about the hotel, but it looks like you found some beauty out there anyway.

  2. RiverGirl
    December 11th, 2007 18:46

    Tulum is beautiful. And the hotel is well-located. It’s just too bad that the hotel didn’t have better maintenance.

  3. KC
    December 12th, 2007 09:02

    Hi there, wonderful article and even though the hotel was not so great, could you please let me know where this hotel is and the name of it? I am willing to put up with lack of maintainance for exchange of this view.

  4. RiverGirl
    January 1st, 2008 15:05

    I will tell you that I stayed at one the Eco-Tulum hotels. But there are a number of small hotels along the beach in Tulum, all of them have great views. I recommend checking TripAdvisor reviews, you’ll find a good hotel there.

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