Back From Tulum

We spent last weekend in Tulum at a seaside Eco-Hotel. Eco is right. More on that later. It was great to get away. And thanks to the 3 people who aided and abetted us by watching the critters we were able to not worry. Sami went to stay with a close friend, who he loves. And Adriana-The-Wonder-Vet and her lovely sister came in and regularly overfed the cats for us.

My favorite part was waking to the sounds and sight of the ocean. I watched the sun rise over the ocean from bed and thought that was pretty sweet. But for some reason I do not like going to sleep listening to the ocean, it actually freaks me out a lot. It’s too much for me somehow to be so close to something so big and powerful and not to have light…I don’t really get it but it sure was hard for me to fall asleep.

We got back on Sunday at 3 pm, and at 4 pm I had a meeting scheduled to talk with one of my business partners about this top-secret real estate project we are working on. So I plunged straight-away into work the moment I got back. The good news is that the project is going well, we are launching the first stage of our marketing this week and so the phone ought to start ringing any minute with interested buyers…well, I can hope, right?

One thing I have to say is that when we returned I was really happy to see that the animals were fine, I didn’t sense any real stress. They were happy to see us, and I could tell that Sami and Emma-cat and Lila and Moopie all missed us. Our first night back the bed was extra-full of critters and it was a major effort to roll over. But now I think the animals have all but forgotten how we abandoned them and they are back to normal.

I’ve got some nice photos from Tulum, but am much too lazy right now to post them. Another day.

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