A Good Week

It’s been a very social week for me, and there’s no sign of it slowing. I’ve had the good fortune to see or talk on the phone with nearly all of my favorite people this week. So I’m happy. And I have an impending in-law invasion, so there will be more socializing coming up. I just hope someone else feels like doing the cooking.

I’ve also gotten a lot of work done this week, for once. I’m almost done with the new version of the Henry Steele Commager web site. He was a famous historian and the husband of one of those favorite people I spent time with this week. I will be very proud when that site is released.

My super secret project is going well. I’m getting interest from the right kind of people. So something may come of that eventually.

Oh and my husband and I had the honor of being label/bottle judges for a tequila competition this week. The judges had to choose Best Bottle, Best Label, Most Artistic, etc. If you’ve ever bothered to look for tequila in a liquor store you know that there are many interesting labels and bottles out there.

It was fascinating for me because, as a trained graphic designer, I actually studied packaging design at one point in my education. So I took my role as judge very seriously. My husband, on the other hand, decided he needed to try the tequilas first, before judging the labels, I think he had an easier time making his decisions than I did.

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