Bay View Grand-ness

I had the privilege this week to meet Jerry Jacobs, the famous San Francisco interior decorator and architect. Jerry is nearly done decorating a condo which belongs to one of my clients. The condo is at Bay View Grand, which a beachfront hi-rise complex located on one of the nicest stretches of beach in Cancun.

I must say that the architecture a Bay View Grand is quite good, even without Jerry’s expert finishing. The condo is nicely laid out with lots of views of the sea. And Jerry did a lot to bring the ocean-views deeper into the condo. He used mirrors to reflect the ocean view back at you when you look away from the water. And he bought furniture which echos the colors in water and on the beach.

The place is plush and up-scale while remaining entirely comfortable. You want to snuggle into the over-stuffed furniture and spend countless hours staring out at the perfect Caribbean sea.

One of the things about Bay View Grand which I especially like are the wrap around decks on the corners of the buildings. They are architecturally interesting, but more importantly they insure fantastic views because from them you can see around the corner of the building.

All in all I was impressed both by the building and by Jerry’s eye. He took already good architecture and played up its strengths through creative use of color, space and furniture. He’s a gifted artist and is in full control of his craft. Meeting him and seeing his most recent work was an honor.

I’ll share the web site I’m building for this client when it’s completed.

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