Get a Maid – Learn Spanish

Two years of weekly private Spanish classes and for what? I’m still not comfortable with the language. And I stumble and blow it every time I try to say anything the slightest bit complex in Spanish. Of course I _know_ a lot of Spanish, I have a lot of vocabulary and I understand a lot of grammar and I know how to conjugate a fair number of verbs in 4 tenses. I even know how to swear in Spanish. It is not enough. I cannot speak.

But now that we have “domestic help” I actually HAVE to speak in Spanish. Especially now that my husband is working 2 jobs and is never here when the maid is. So I’m learning to speak, just let it flow out of my mouth, in a messy tumble of screwed up tenses and mixed up words. So in a way my maid is teaching me Spanish. I don’t think I will mention any of this to my Spanish teacher though…

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