Mexico Beachfront Real Estate: Residencial La Playa Cancun

Ok so it’s shameless plug time! In a big way too! I just released a new web site for my husband, Arturo Rivero, who is a representative at Residencial La Playa Cancun, the new beachfront real estate project north of Puerto Cancun. The web site is here:
Mexico Beachfront Real Estate.

Until now there has been very little information in English available about this project, but we went through all the marketing documentation and translated everything. You will find up-to-date pricing and availability linked down at the bottom in the footer area (as a printable PDF, and subject to change without notice). And there are lots of pictures and a full description of the project and the amenities that will be available.

Residencial La Playa will be a pretty sweet project when it’s done, with all 180 condos having terraces facing the Caribbean. And while I first thought it looked expensive, after seeing Bay View Grand and hearing the pricing there I think that Residencial La Playa is very reasonably priced for brand new Cancun beachfront real estate. And it’s much more convenient than Bay View Grand if you will be working in the downtown Cancun area.

The site still needs a few things. Namely the gallery page needs a description of each image and each image needs to be a link to a larger image, I’m just waiting for an IT guy to get me those bigger images (I’m always waiting for an IT guy to do something…). And I think there are some spots with awkward wording so I’ll be editing those too. Oh and I need to take a nice pic of hubby and put that up.

So if you know of anyone who’s looking for a beachfront condo in this area be sure to have them check out this site. And if you have any constructive criticism about the site I’m all ears.

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2 Responses to “Mexico Beachfront Real Estate: Residencial La Playa Cancun”

  1. Sparkey
    October 17th, 2006 16:28

    The info on the pricing info PDF is a little hard to understand for non-Spanish speaking readers. Otherwise a beautiful job!

  2. RiverGirl
    October 17th, 2006 19:58

    Yeah I hate that PDF. First I had it vertical then he wanted it horizontal. Now it’s impossible to look at on the web because it’s going sideways.

    And also I need to make it easier for people to “get” that it’s in two languages. I’ll have to think about how to do that. I really don’t want to maintain two documents. But maybe the English should be on one page and the Spanish on the second page…maybe I can do some fancy thing with Excel that updates both prices at once…hmmm.

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