It Could Be Worse

I suppose it could be worse.

I suppose.

Today Sam got hit by a car. He’s ok. He was lucky. It only tumbled him about 50 times. It didn’t smoosh him or squish him or pop any internal organs (that we know of) or any of that fatal crap. But it scared us. And we knew it would happen sometime because he can be unpredictable when you allow him to get off the leash. And the last three days, with all this rain, he’s been trapped inside with no walks. So he was all wound up and very excited to run around like a maniac. Which he did.

So he got tumbled by a car, and now we are on smooshed internal organ watch (no evidence yet) and we are giving him an anti-inflammatory for all his many bruises and we need to keep his road rash clean.

It’s clear the poor dog feels like shit. And my hope is that he does learn that being near cars can make one feel like shit, or worse. I hope he learns that.

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