Worry Worry

At this moment my husband, who is a Mexican immigration agent, is in a bus traveling to the border of Guatemala and Mexico. He’s got a bunch of illegal immigrants in the bus who, I suppose, are about to get deported from Mexico. And they’ve got several police cars escorting them, just in case someone needs to get shot at or something.

The drive is going to take something like 24 hours, largely because many of the roads they need to travel are dangerous narrow mountain roads. And apparently some of the detainees have been acting up, protesting, complaining; and some of them are quite well-fed, big burly guys.

But the bus has TVs on it and they are playing crappy American movies dubbed in Spanish. So that ought to calm down those illegal immigrants right?

Most of the illegal immigrants that get caught in Mexico were planning to cross Mexico and enter the US along its southern border. Most of them want that American dream thing. Most of them want what you see in those American movies. The big car, the blond, the palatial house with the green lawn, the pockets full of dollars.

Truly the bad American movies shouldn’t calm the detainees down…the movies should remind them of the fact that their collective American dream is slipping farther away with each passing kilometer. But we can hope that instead of thinking that way, that the detainees are instead doing what any self-respecting person does when forced to watch a bad American movie and that is to fall asleep.

But still, I’m a little worried.

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3 Responses to “Worry Worry”

  1. workinggringa
    October 29th, 2007 20:58

    Sending safe-passage beams from Merida…

  2. RiverGirl
    October 30th, 2007 16:36

    Thanks! He got to Tapachula safely, no bus wrecks and no major detainee revolts. Then he was able to stop and see his mom in DF on the way home. So it went from being a tough work trip to seeing family. It ended well and he’s home now.

  3. La Gringa Mas Bella
    November 2nd, 2007 23:54

    I’m glad he’s home and safe. I would’ve worried horribly too.

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