Sweet Air & TED Talks

The air in Cancun smells so sweet today. I don’t know what it is, it just smells wonderful. It’s not a flower smell, just more like a totally clean smell. It’s been windy the last couple of days, so maybe that’s part of it, I don’t know. The air here is normally pretty clean seeing as Cancun is located between that huge lung of a jungle and the Caribbean Sea. No matter how stinky the trucks and cars here are the pollution from them just doesn’t stick around for long. But today it’s extra-special-nice-smelling.

I just found something awesome, it’s a series of talks you can watch or listen to online that are given by some amazing and important people. There’s everyone from legendary physicist David Deutsch, who is a major backer of the very cool multiverse theory (whooohooo, go David), to Al Gore (my hero and president), to Steven Levitt who is the author of Freakonomics. Check out the TED Talks.

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