It’s the end of the world as we know it!

The other day I read a quote somewhere that went something like this “Sometimes it feels like the world is ending but it never actually IS”. And I walked around for a couple of days thinking about that, about having that loooong perspective about life’s troubles, the one that keeps you from freaking out every time everything sucks. And I was hopeful, and I was happy, and I was sure I was over this oft-felt sense that the world is ending.

And then yesterday SUCKED! It just sucked! I’m not even going to talk about yesterday. Suffice to say that at least half the relationships and marriages around me are in some kind of deep doodoo.

And then this morning I woke up feeling unloved. And I was grumpy and ornery. And I was worried. And I was LATE! So I yank the kid out of bed and rush out of the house in a mad dash. And I’m driving along, jumping lanes and weaving, maniacal, though somewhat normal for me I must admit. But the car is running rough. It’s still kicking, it’s fast, but it’s running heavy like it has water in the gas or dirty injectors or some shit.

And then, as I’m on the Colosio (the “road to the airport”), driving in 5th gear in the shoulder, passing everyone on the right, I hit this frickin’ bump. And this bump is really a cenote that has had it’s top opening covered in tar because some not-really-a-road-engineer bribed some other incompetent to get his stupid job. And the tar is slowly sinking down into the hole. So the thing gets a little bigger each week.

Well this week it’s finally big enough. I hit it and it hit me back. It crunched the engine cover on the bottom of my car and the cover smooshed the bottom of the shifter. Only I didn’t know that the bump had done this, I just noticed that when I got to the next light and I took it out of 5th gear it was really hard to take out of gear. And after that 4th and 5th gears were really hard to get in an out of.

So I drop the kid off and then limp the car home. And then I call the hubby/mechanic, who is at work, and he says things like “that’s terrible” and “sounds like you blew the transmission” and “what the hell did you do” and comforting things like that.

And I try to concentrate on my work but I’m thinking about big transmission repair bills and I can’t think straight. Then I decide to read the newspaper, I mean how bad can it be, right? Well first I see that Britney Spears has decided the world should see her with a shiny top. How nice. And then, there below the fold, I see that a goddamn asteroid is going to hit the earth. Ok so now the world really IS ending! It’s not going to happen for a long time, and the chances are low it will happen, but none of THAT is conveyed in the headline, which was all I read then.

Yesterday was shit. Today is shit. The car is busted. The world is ending, REALLY ending. How nice.

I gave myself about half an hour, or maybe just 20 minutes, to give up on life and crawl back into bed with the 5 cats napping there. And then I got with the program and found my kid a ride home and got my work done and I read the part about the asteroid only maybe hitting the earth in 29 years. And then hubby came home and showed me my big dent, and he’s out there now straightening it out.

So I guess the world isn’t really ending. Yet. This time. Maybe.

Yeah sure.

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