Tropical Depression

I don’t know if it’s all this tropical rain we’ve been having, or maybe there’s another bug going around, but the last couple of days have just sucked!

Today I’m pretty sure that the only thing that went right was that I found organic broccoli at Costco (imported from California). Imagine that! I used to buy only organic veggies back when I lived in a country where you could possibly consider enforcing something like a regulation regarding growing food. But now I take what I can get and I’m grateful for a $10 usd sack of frozen friggin’ broccoli.

Today really stank. First I just don’t feel well, low energy, almost a headache and grumpy. Then my kid couldn’t find a school uniform to wear, which meant we left much later than usual, which put us on that insane road to the airport at exactly 7 am. The suicide moment. So I’m cooking along in the right shoulder. But today everybody and their mother was using it as a breakdown lane! Can you imagine? The nerve of those people using the shoulder of the road as a shoulder and not a lane. This is Mexico, what do they think they are doing? Maybe I don’t feel well because of all the swerving I was doing.

So we braved the road at the ungodly hour. And I managed to get her there before the bell. And I turned around and came home only to realize that she’d forgotten the huge report she’d written last night on Rocky Mountain National Park (in Colorado, where we’re from). She had a big map, and a bunch of glossy photos of elk and bighorn sheep and coyotes and SNOWY PEAKS and GLACIAL LAKES. I swoon to think of that pristine wilderness, protected from greedy builders (living here in Cancun means you pretty much give up all notions of environmental conservation).

So I raced back down to the school with the report in hand. And, it being later, I had less traffic, in fact I made it there and back in half and hour, I didn’t even side-swipe anybody and I only cut one lady off and she only honked a little bit… But all this driving meant that I didn’t even get started trying, pathetically, to get any work done until like 9 am. And by then the tone for the day was already set. Concentration on anything was near impossible. I managed to do just a bit of graphic design (which if it didn’t require actual eyes I could do with my eyes closed, so to speak). And I also managed to write about 14 lines of css which, given that each each one is about 10 characters long, isn’t saying much.

And then mid-morning my Spanish teacher showed up so I could, once again, be formally reminded that all those other people in the world can learn more than one language but not ME! By the time she left I was pretty sure today was not my day. I was overcome with a headache and almost spaced going back to the school to the collect el kid (or I guess that would be la kid).

Now here’s the evil part. My favorite cat knocked over this cool glass I bought in Oregon when I was visiting Joyceee (it had a Boulder Beer logo on it). She broke it into like 14 gazillion pieces. And somehow I managed to cut the TOP of my foot open with the broken glass. I didn’t even notice, didn’t feel anything, but I nicked a vein and when I looked down I had filled, I mean filled, my shoe with blood. The cut goes down the length of the vein so it was really gushing. Fortunately a tight bandage seems to have caused it to knit back together and it’s no longer bleeding. And the thing gave me an excuse to put my feet up and forget about trying to actually get anything done today.

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2 Responses to “Tropical Depression”

  1. JoyceJ
    October 5th, 2006 23:10

    Oh NO! You’re glass! Remind me and I will find you another one and bring it down next time I am there. What a bummer of a day – I wonder if it is world-wide because I was out of whack all day myself!

  2. JoyceJ
    October 5th, 2006 23:11

    GOD I hate that. YOUR glass, not “you’re glass”, because, you’re not.

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