Happy Birthday to Me!

Yeah right! Turning 39 is not my idea of the ideal birthday. My husband says if I want I can start going backwards instead of forwards, so rather than turning 39 today I can be 37…it’s very nice of him to say. But I’m beginning to feel old. Hmph!

But I had a very pleasant day, partly because I didn’t drive myself to try to do a lot of work, I just took care of a couple of clients, and I refused to look at my mile-long to-do list.

One of the reasons today was so nice was because I am finally getting over what I finally figured out WAS another bug. Last week began on Monday with a headache, and I proceeded to get a headache every single day of the week thereafter. My headaches would always start after lunch, always near my eyes, and sometimes they were so strong I couldn’t work. For most of the week I was convinced that I was just tired. But after sleeping late on Saturday morning I proceeded to get the worst headache of all on Saturday afternoon.

Well finally late on Sunday afternoon I started feeling better, or maybe just normal. And today I feel really normal, normal energy, normal appetite and no headache. But now my daughter is the one who feels under the weather, poor kid.

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