Mexican Election Recount

This weekend Mexico’s electoral tribunal will rule on whether to force a partial or full recount of the votes from last month’s presidential election. Check it out here.

It was obvious that this election would be a close one. I know quite a few right wing Panistas who supported Felipe Calderon. But I know an equal or greater number of people who supported AMLO (Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador) the leftist PRD candidate.

But the disturbing thing is that I have personally heard of quite a few examples of people who intended to vote, and went to their polling places, and waited in long lines, but who were unable to cast their votes due to a lack of ballots. I went with my husband when he voted here and everything was fine. But after the polls closed the stories of problems with polling places started pouring in.

My personal opinion is that with an election this close, with less than a 1% difference between the candidates, they sure as hell better recount, and recount and recount. They’d better recount until the people in this country believe the ballots have been counted properly.

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