DreamHost Promo Code – Save $50 on Web Hosting

After years of hearing nothing but good things about DreamHost I’ve finally decided to switch to them. I’ve been with my current host, who shall remain nameless, for over 5 years and I’ve never had a problem with them, except that they are kind of expensive.

I belong to several email lists of professional web designers and every few months someone asks the other designers what web host(s) they recommend. Invariably lots of people always recommend DreamHost, and also my current host. After that they recommend various smaller web hosting outfits. But it seems like DreamHost always gets the most votes.

When I compared my current company’s hosting plans to DreamHost’s I realized that not only would I save about 30% per year but I would also get WAY WAY WAY more for my money. I’ll get unlimited databases, instead of just 10, I’ll get 60 Gigs of space rather than just 1.5 Gigs and Ill get 1.6 TBs of transfers per month compared to the 80 Gigs I get now.

Another thing that’s cool about DreamHost is that people that I refer will get a $50 discount if they use my DreamHost Promo Code, which is MWSTUDIO. So if you need web hosting don’t miss out on this deal!


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2 Responses to “DreamHost Promo Code – Save $50 on Web Hosting”

  1. Steve
    August 10th, 2006 20:03

    I’ve heard good things about Dreamhost too. I’m currently using 3 different hosting companies; Webair.com and Cyberwurx.com for my minor sites and AIT.com for my main site. I’m not too impressed with AIT but moving last time was such a PIA. I’ll have to check Dreamhost out and maybe move some of my smaller sites there.

  2. RiverGirl
    August 11th, 2006 19:30

    My current host is Pair Networks, they are good, but DreamHost just offers so much more for less money. And DreamHost’s reputation among my colleagues is top notch, couldn’t be better. And DreamHost has a nice referral program, so I can get a kick-back and give the people I refer a nice savings too!

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