All Work And Very Little Play

I have not been my usual quick-typing oft-blogging self lately. This is due in part to several things. One being the fact that hubby and I are still rental-condo-hunting, it takes hours and days and lots of thinking power. But we may have finally cornered the right condo in the right building in the right neighborhood at the right price with the right rental income potential. And the owner may even be capable of reaching and abiding by a sale agreement. We shall see.

Another factor is that my social life and my marriage both have been a bit taxing. I may blog about this stuff a little later, when I get some perspective. Suffice to say my loyalties to certain of my close people are being greatly taxed. In relationships and friendships there are sometimes lines that get crossed; but at some point I stop forgiving, and I don’t start again, and I walk away and don’t look back. I’m simply afraid that one of those times may be upon me. Again, we shall see.

And the final and main factor is that I’ve been (what? can it be true?) getting my WORK DONE! A couple of projects are still suffering a lack of attention. But I’m proud to say several others are in good shape, nice code and nice clients and nice work, when all is said and done. So that is very satisfying.

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