Still Myopic After All These Years

When I turned 35 my husband gave me Lasik surgery for my birthday. I think he was sick of seeing me suffer the pain of hard contact lenses. Back then I had to carry eye drops everywhere and could never tell when a speck of dust would force me to pull over the car, or dismount my mountain bike, it was a royal pain in the eye. So I got the surgery. And I stopped being nearsighted. And I never looked back (couldn’t resist, sorry).

Except I didn’t stop thinking like I was nearsighted. I still look at things closely. I still find myself stopping to enjoy the way the light hits a flower or a spider web. And often I find myself training my camera on things other people wouldn’t bother with. Sometimes it’s a fresh tire track in soft mud, or the bark of a tree, or the rust on a pipe that’s lying next to the road. If it has an interesting texture or color, or great light, it becomes the subject of my myopic photography.

People around probably think I’m weird, because I do stop whatever I’m doing when I see something that must be photographed. But maybe that’s the curse of my training as an artist. The art comes first, always.

Here are some recent examples of the stuff that stops me and makes me pull out the camera:

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