My Lilah Cat

I have this cat who purrs when you kiss the top of her head. If you try petting with your hands her you risk blood and pain but if you kiss the top of her head she will purr every time.

This cat was hit by a car last summer, while I was off gallivanting around the great state of Oregon. Miraculously, she survived without a broken bone, but one of her rear leg’s tendons was not so lucky. She is now missing the tendon along the back of her right rear leg and that means she cannot walk normally, since she cannot get up on her rear paw the way a normal cat walks. Instead she effectively walks on her elbow, which has no paw pad, and so it’s always kind of raw. And I think that this cat is always in a bit of pain because of this.

We’ve tried various remedies and bandages to solve this cat’s problem but nothing, so far, has worked. We will keep trying. But in the mean time she has become the Alpha cat in our house, dominating all the other 8 cats; she dictates who eats from which plate, who can sit on her windowsills and who gets the most attention from the humans in this house.

I found this cat when she was scarcely 2 months old. She was starving and she was purring. Back then you could pet her all you wanted. But I think that constant pain makes one bitter, pain has a way of making life so hard that nothing but a kiss on the top of the head will fix you. My poor Lilah. It is my solemn wish that we find a way to help her live a pain-free life. Maybe then she won’t feel the need to be such a dominant bitch.

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