Catching Up with Myself

Busy, busy. Well I started the New Year SWEARING right and left I would take weekends off. Well, except for the first one, and the second one, and here I am working the weekend again. But I am finally catching up on all the work that’s been outstanding, so that’s a very good thing. And I am planning to take a day off during the week, so that will help me keep my balance.

The other thing I swore I would do when the year started was to eat more green vegetables, and I am managing that. Today I had spinach and tortellini for lunch and chased it with fresh carrot juice. So at least I’m getting the nutrition side of things right, for now, so far…

As I’ve mentioned previously I lucked out and got given both Lost season 1 and season 2 for Christmas. And I polished off season 1 in about 10 days. But season 2 is taking a little longer. And unfortunately my husband is now getting addicted to them also. Which means that I can’t watch any more episodes unless he’s present (huff, huff).

The last episode we watched was the one in which Michael killed Ana Lucia and shot Libby and wounded himself to make it look like not-Henry Gale did it during his escape. Oh the drama, all those buff people running through the jungle all the time, chased by polar bears and Others wearing fake beards, gambling for mangoes, pushing that stupid button all the time…what a great show.

Oh and I’ve been having these little pangs of guilt lately. I keep seeing things that are really beautiful and not having my camera there to capture them. The not having the camera part is where the guilt comes from.

The other day I was stretching before my morning run and I saw a whole series of perfectly round spider webs in a bamboo tree, they were all right next to each other, touching each other. The flies didn’t stand a chance. But the way the light hit the webs was simply magical, they just sparkled.

Then I looked up and the air was filled with butterflies. And these weren’t our normal little yellow flitty butterflies. They were huge butterflies, each as big as my hand (with fingers outstretched). And they were a soft blue color on top with a soft yellow underneath. I was just dying from camera deprivation. But it was captivating and so precious. Like a little fluttering gift of beauty from the universe.

But I am proud to say that I did manage to capture a few nice pix today. These first two are the reason I couldn’t make my bed when I got out of it this morning.

Moopie being Moopie

My Lilah

And this last one was shot while I was meeting a client in the hotel zone today…and yes, I did notice that I work in paradise.

The beach in front of the Bay View Grand, Cancun

Well there’s not much more to say. I’ve been doing some painting around the house and should go do some now before I lose all my daylight.

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