Kitten Distractions

Two weeks ago tonight we found an orange tabby kitten next to a busy street here in Cancun. At first we couldn’t catch it, it was yowling like no one’s business, and was clearly starving, but it would not come out of the thicket. So we went home and armed ourselves with a nice smelly can of tunafish. When we returned the kitten complied by creeping up to the tuna, warily. We had a few near misses and finally I caught the little guy by the head and picked him up. Fortunately his head was firmly attached.

We brought him home and cleaned him up and determined that he was simply dirty and very hungry. So we fed him and we fed him some more and then we started on the annoy the kitten with too much love campaign. Within 24 hours he was completely attached to humans to the point of falling asleep without notice anywhere on any human. And he understood what to do with his litterbox from the get go. So we set about finding a home for him.

It took a little waiting but yesterday he was welcomed into the home of a gringo doctor who just moved here. I miss him terribly, but he seemed comfortable and the doc is a “cat guy”, so is was all good.

Below is a picture of this little guy:

fuzzbutt 1

But wait, there’s more. One week ago,as I was leaving my daughter’s school, and as I was passing the exact spot where we found our dog Sam, I saw a kitten in the road. The car ahead of me swerved way around it, and in so doing forced on-coming traffic to stop. When I got there and saw the kitten I put on my flashers and got out of the car and picked up the little screaming wretch of a cat. The traffic going both ways was still stopped and I got some clapping and some shouts of approval from the waiting drivers when they witnessed my rescue in action.

And so I ended up with another kitten. This one is part Siamese. Also male. Same approximate age as the other guy (about 6 or 8 weeks). And this one is also a total love. This one eats a bit more like a pig than the other one. And this one seems to purr a bit more. This one had a LOT of fleas when I found him, and a tick and he was super stinky. So my first task, after feeding him, was to bathe him, poor guy, he hated that. But then he smelled like roses, or rather Pantene 2 in 1 shampoo from Costco, but hey what’s the difference?

Here’s a picture of this newest kitten:

I’ve been really enjoying the kitten energy in the house. Kittens are all about play and sudden intense naps (on your head) and discovering toys where they really aren’t (my computer mouse is a toy, as is the button that fell off my new jeans, as is the bottle of blue nail polish that lives on my desk, it goes on). And kittens are about love, unconditional love, and purring and demanding to be petted and DEMANDING to be fed. And they are certainly about pooping up a grand poop storm. I swear they poop more than the big cats, which makes sense because they eat WAY more than the adult cats do.

Here’s another picture of mega-pooper number 2:

And so here I am again with another kitten that needs a home. In a day or two I’ll send out some emails and nag all my friends to take him. But for right now I’m just enjoying the little guy and am calling him Fuzzbucket, for no reason at all except that it pops into my head when I see him.

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