A Bit of Catchup

It’s seems I haven’t blogged about my life in a bit so I’ll try to catch up a little here.

For those of you keeping up with me I’m just coming down off having my mom visit us here, it was the first time I’d seen her in about a year. She’s now 70 and that’s a bit hard for me to “get”, my mom is mortal and is aging, I’m not glomming onto that one very readily. But she’s in very good health, gets a lot of exercise and eats better than anyone I know, so maybe I can stay in denial about her mortality for another 20 years or so…let’s hope.

Another bit of news is that we are actively rental property hunting. We are hoping to buy an apartment or a small house that we can rent as a long term rental. Looking is a major pain in the neck, lots of details and lots of running around, but I adore looking at real estate so I’m secretly loving it.

We actually made an offer on a place the other day, it was a bargain and we instinctively knew we shouldn’t let it get away. But now it appears there’s (what a surprise) some kind of problem with the title of the property. So we may be walking away from that deal in a day or two.

As for work I have a lot of stuff going on. I’ve got quite a few projects going on, each in various stages of completion. I’ve also made a decision and I’m going to be changing the focus of my work sometime in the next few months, once I’m caught up. So more on that one later.

Oh and a bit on Sam, he’s gained about 7 pounds since we got him. He’s filled out some and he’s grown a bit too. And we finally figured out what was going on with his skin condition and we are successfully treating it now. We took him swimming the other day (I posted a pic) and at first he was a nervous ninny, but after a bit of prodding he was out there in the ocean swimming all over the place. Sam has a heart of gold and it’s hard to remember life before he lived with us.

Well, that’s about it for now.

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One Response to “A Bit of Catchup”

  1. workinggringa
    April 23rd, 2007 20:52

    we have two dogs that look a lot like Sam. their names are URL and Mali, and they are the lights of our lives. it is really hard to imagine life without them… they will be two years old this summer.

    i just hope ANYONE reading this who lives in the Yucatan who wants a dog will go out and adopt one from a shelter or off the street. there are so many wonderful dogs that need loving homes.

    Sam’s a lucky guy…and so are you and your family, apparently!

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