One Grump, Two Grump, Three Grump…

Oh, I’m a bad girl, blogging in the middle of the day, morning, whatever. I never let myself do it, but I’m edgy and need to vent before I can focus on work.

So it is me? Or are a lot of people grumpy lately? I went to the International Women’s Club of Cancun meeting on Saturday and what started as a very pleasant meeting degraded into pretty much a cat fight. Things “needed to be said”, whatever, there were “issues” that needed to be talked about, whatever, save it for a board meeting! That club does excellent work and I’ve made some of my best friends EVER EVER there, but this last meeting was tedious and I was not happy about how it went. I do hope that there can be some changes to how meetings are managed which will insure that everyone plays nice.

And then my favorite online place, the CancunCare.com Forum has been seeing its share of little spats lately. Steve and the mods there are handling it all beautifully, but I’m kind of stunned by how grumpy everyone is. I’m sure it will pass quickly since that crowd is usually quite tolerant but still I just want to tell everyone to lighten up.

And even the cats are jumpy, I’ve already broken up two fights today alone. It must be the stars, maybe we’re having some kind of massive Mars Transit? Or maybe it’s in the air? El Niño perhaps? Or is it the post Holiday blues? Perhaps? Likely? Everyone is probably grumpy because they just got their credit card bill with all their Holiday spending on it. That must be it, it’s credit card guilt grumpiness. Well, whatever it is I hope people get over it.

In spite of the grumpiness I must also say that several of my close friends have reached out to me recently with truly caring and deeply insightful things to say. And I really appreciate that. So even if the rest of the world is grumping around I know who my friends are!

Ok, enough, now…to work.

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