Help Preserve Net Neutrality

Public action by United States’ citizens is needed now to preserve the existing Net Neutrality of the internet. Until now users have been free to surf the net, visiting whichever sites they want and using whichever services and search engines they chose to. Now that freedom to roam the internet freely and to use the services of one’s own choosing is facing a very real threat. Congress is pushing forth a law which will allow internet access companies to control which sites we can visit and which services we can use.

Net Neutrality is difficult to explain but Public Knowledge, a digital rights advocacy group, has put up an excellent video which spells out, in layman’s terms, what the threat to Net Neutrality actually means.

Take Action
One way you can take action right now is to Sign the Online Petition.

SaveTheInternet.com has information on the positions various congress people are taking on Net Neutrality. They also have information on how you can take action to fight the threat to Net Neutrality.

More Net Neutrality Resources

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