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I attended the 2006 Web Visions Conference in Portland, Oregon on July 20th and 21st. The conference was my excuse for writing off the trip but I didn’t plan my trip around it. Instead I booked my trip dates based on cheap plane tickets, the dates of a Pearl Jam concert (sorry, can’t help myself) and on the schedule of the friend I went there to visit. Once I’d booked my trip I realized that I had no possible excuse for writing off the trip (que horror!) so I Googled and found Web Visions.

It turned out that Web Visions was chock full of great speakers, many of whose books I have read and whose blogs I currently read. Among my attending heroes were Mike Davidson, CEO of Newsvine, who I consider to be one of the most talented designers working. Mike’s blog is here. I just stare slack-jawed at the screen when I look at his work.

Another of my heroes is Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits fame. Dan is a non-pushy advocate of using web standards and best practices in web design. His book “Web Standards Solutions” is full of practical tips for solving some of the most common problems designers face when trying to use CSS and valid (X)HTML.

There were lots of other notable speakers at Web Visions but plenty has been blogged already and by far more thorough bloggers than myself. One of the most interesting aspects of the conference for me was that, because I opted NOT to bring my laptop to OR (what possessed me I’ll never know), I was off-line so much. The conference was full of folks tapping away at their laptops during the sessions, many of them were blogging as the conference unfolded. And others were working while attending the conference, true multi-taskers. I felt naked not being jacked-in, but lugging a laptop around does suck, no matter how light they get. I eagerly await the day when I can have the internet embedded in my arm, so I don’t have to carry it or forget to carry it (like how I forget my damn phone all the time) or decide it’s too heavy to lug around…

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