Little Drummer Boys

I had a rush of nostalgia today. As I was crossing Av. Kabah in front of Costco today I heard drumming. And there in front of me was a ragtag band of hippie kids in a drumming group. They were intent on their task of filling the block with the sounds of their drum circle. There were 5 drummers and two of them were working their hardest to match each other’s playing beat for beat. I had a moment of deja vu which took me back to the mid-80’s when I was myself a lowly college student and spent altogether too much of my time hanging out with people whose life ambition appeared to be to hang out and play the drums all day.

But somewhere along in there I graduated and had to go get a job…and let’s hope these kids do the same, but until they do I will enjoy their endeavor whenever I’m in the neighborhood.

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