Making A Difference

I have this lovely friend who is from the U.K. But just give her 5 years, and she will be more Mexican than my husband. She came here because she adores Mexico. And she came here intent on helping people less fortunate than herself.

Yesterday she told me she had found her true calling and that is teaching English to Mexican public school kids. Lots of expat teachers here teach English to wealthy and middle class Mexican kids, in private schools. But for a foreigner to go work in a public school setting is quite unusual, and it represents a true labor of love for my friend.

Needless to say I’m so proud to be her friend! I’m so proud to see her giving her best to these kids who’ve barely ever seen foreigners and have barely spent time with any native English speakers. She will make a big difference to those underprivileged kids, and Mexico is lucky to have her.

[You go girl!]

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