An Audio Interview with a Web Usability Guru

Most people who put time into studying web design, and especially those who care about web usability, have heard of Jakob Nielsen at one point or another. Jakob is a speaker, author and a researcher of web usability issues. He is widely regarded as a leader in the field and I always find myself agreeing with the points he makes.

Today I was very happy to stumble across an audio interview with Jakob. I started listening and immediately found myself furiously scribbling notes. During the interview he discussed the most common usability mistakes web designers make, the value of keeping a site simple, the importance of making content scanable and many other wonderful things. The interview may be found on the IT Conversations web site and is about 10 minutes long.

If you enjoy that you might also wish to check out Jakob’s own web site www.UseIt.com. Jakob’s site is not beautiful, or even very usable, in my opinion, but his articles are always worth reading.


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